Empowers Innovative Intelligence with Comprehensive & Accurate 3D Investigative Evidence

Most of our clients contact us because they either know of or suspect an issue in their home or building. As construction and forensic investigation experts, we know exactly what to look for. We use our certifications in various fields, building codes, and our construction knowledge to “take apart” a construction scene and uncover the probable cause or issue.

In addition to documenting our findings, Arkiteko Co dba/ provides estimated costs and methods for remediation of an issue. We know, based on our findings, approximately how much it will cost to fix the situation. We can recommend vendors if needed.

Another reason to require a construction forensic investigation is to show proof in a legal dispute. Our inspections will hold up in litigation as expert evidence. If you need us to provide expert testimony to help win your case, we can do that also.

Sometimes it’s your word against your contractor’s, especially if you are not a construction expert yourself. And without proof and evidence, it’s hard to win your case. Just the fact that you have a construction expert like Arkiteko Co on your side can help you in your dispute with your contractor. 



Begin by scanning the project site using a 3D laser scanner to capture real world information of buildings, infrastructure and industrial facilities into the digital world. Collect existing condition measurements from short and long range distances of complex geometries and structures within minutes for a complete recording of the current physical status.


Once the existing conditions are captured into point clouds, the 3D data set is brought into a registration software used to align and manage individual point clouds. The registration software contains tools allowing users to process scan data, navigate through projects, visualize data in best color detail, take first measurements and collaborate the project.


Extracting 2D and 3D data from point clouds is the most critical step in the laser scanning process. FARO AEC software solutions provide professionals with extensive tools to generate 2D and 3D deliverables. Floor plans, profiles, elevations and 3D models can be efficiently generated by intuitive extraction workflows. Analysis tools allow comparison of as-built conditions with digital CAD models.



Arkiteko Co dba/ specializes in 3D laser scanning for AEC applications. We use LASER scanners capable of astonishing accuracy and detail. Every scan measures millions of points and each point knows its precise XYZ position. Collectively, these points constitute a three dimensional "point cloud" that can be navigated, drafted, and modeled in popular CAD and BIM applications. Applied to architecture, a point cloud is nothing short of a dimensionally-correct, digital copy of the building itself.

Empowers Innovative Intelligence with Comprehensive & Accurate 3D Investigative Evidence. 

The ability to present unbiased, accurate 3D data in the courtroom as opposed to conventional 2D evidence can make all the difference in the outcome of a case. While still photographs, manual measurements, and written reports have been widely accepted as standard procedure, they often offer a limited perspective of a crime, crash, or fire scene that could be laden with information bias. When called upon, investigators (whether public or private) are tasked to seek and present the truth for their clients. For the most part, they only have a single opportunity to document evidence that is relevant and critical to the case, and they must ensure that the collected evidence stands up to scrutiny in court. For private investigation company Innovative Intelligence, the ability to quickly and accurately deliver crucial evidence for their clients’ investigations is paramount to cementing their success in an industry where credibility is key. Based in Miami Beach Fl, Arkiteko Co dba/ offers nationwide private and corporate investigation services — such as criminal and claims investigations.



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